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Free Internet Marketing Course New!

A ton of freebies plus a Free Internet Marketing Course are available right now. You'll get real insider how-to internet and direct marketing information from A-Z. I can tell you that this on-line resource can help you start making money right away. A lot of good info and perhaps one of the best sites of it's kind on the net! I personally recommend this valuable resource because it has helped us to save a ton of money! Once you have access, you won't be a sucker for on-line marketing products that are overpriced.  Click here for access!


Market Companion Newsletter

Our long-awaited Newsletter dubbed, "The Market Companion" is making it's debut this month. It's free but don't let than fool you. We plan to offer the same quality marketing information that you could pay $15,000 for - no kidding! In addition to offering helpful tips regarding marketing using direct mail and postal mailing lists, we will offer real-world marketing information for those who are new the Internet and info that will benefit you even if you're a seasoned on-line marketer. Get the cutting-edge marketing info that will help you to make money on the Net! Subscribers will be entitled to special mailing list offers! Click here to subscribe by email...just type subscribe in the subject of your email.

Email Marketing!

Email Marketing is alive and well! Do you need to use email to market your business? Do you have a need to send out newsletters? Have an online Business? Learn about software that can help you automate your entire business... *Newsletter Server *Autoresponders *Newsgroups *Webform Processing *Bulk Emailer* *Automatic Scheduler *Act Like A Mail Server *Full Email Database Merging *Flame/Bomb Filter. If you want to market using email, you'll love this!  Click here for more information!


E-Book offers Free On-line Stealth Marketing Tips New!

Real insider marketing information from the God-Father of Internet marketing is available in our free e-book. We arranged to be able to offer you this fact-filled marketing guide... get it now
....... click here to access the download page.


Free On-line Classified Ads

Click here for immediate access to the fastest growing high-traffic free advertising site on the net.

Topical thoughts: Jumpstart your business

APS is not shy about recommending marketing tools that are just great tools to use. For example, we provide free information related to on-line marketing here in the Marketing Tips area of our web site.  One quick and easy thing to do to take advantage of on-line opportunities, is to post your classifieds in our free classifieds area.  Also, if you are interested in marketing on-line, if you are new to on-line marketing or even have your own domain and web site, you will want to check out "The Secret of our success" section that follows on this page.

On-line marketing can be very helpful in promoting your product and services. To be sure that you are getting the best start this year, we recommend that you use one of our quality mailing or telephone lists in addition to the on-line tools and techniques that are available. If you need to get results fast, it's good to know that you can reach prospects who have responded to ads and are interested in making money. Using a direct postal mail mailing list is perhaps the fastest way to get some business going.


The Secret of our success!

Dear Web Site Visitors and Clients:

As I mentioned in earlier tips and newsletter, I have decided to share the secrets that have helped us to build our on-line presence into a successful on-line business. In fact, I'd like to introduce you to Corey Rudl who is the person who has helped us to succeed. 

I have been so impressed with him, that we have been referring clients to him during the last year - over and over again, because he is undoubtedly one of the SECRETS TO OUR SUCCESS. 

I can't count how many different things we tried when we first tried to start our on-line business. To be honest, there was a time when only blind faith and optimism kept me going. Looking back over the last year, I can confidently say that a large portion of our success can be attributed directly to Corel Rudl. I have directly benefited by learning from someone who is successful because he is willing to show you how he does it!

Corey has many very successful online businesses. In fact, one of his most popular successes is the book "Car Secrets Revealed"... with his unique promotional techniques online, he has made it the #1 best selling car book on the Internet... all within a few months! He specialized in very unique and powerful Internet marketing ideas and techniques.

If you are considering starting a business on the Internet or already own one, you want to view his web site... Corey really knows what he is talking about.  He gets over 4 million visitors every year, does over 5.2 million dollars in sales online every year (yes that's $5,200,000), and personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars from his online business...all from his one small office. He has made a fortune online and he has just developed a new website that REVEALS all his tips, tricks and techniques for starting a business on the Internet and making a fortune.

He discussed everything you every wanted to know about starting a business online... or if you already have a business online, he reveals exactly how to promote it to make a fortune on the Internet. Click here to visit his web site at The Internet Marketing Center

I cannot recommend it higher... this guy is a "real world" example of someone that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Internet... so listen to what he has to say carefully, he knows what he is talking about (one of the very few on the Internet!). 

Good Luck in your marketing efforts!


Don Humphreys
Pres. Advantage Publishing Services


Webmasters Only

E-Commerce is gathering the momentum of a tsunami (big wave)

If you want to ride the e-wave, there are a few critical things you need to be able to do in addition to waxing your board...

Assuming you have a product or service and your web site is getting ready for prime time, there is one huge component that needs to be in place. In a nutshell, if you don't accept credit cards, you are losing money!

Even more important, is the capability to accept credit cards on-line. We literally experienced the fact for ourselves, that once you begin to accept credit cards, your business will quadruple (317% or more increase is possible). We researched many solutions and found that rates were all over the board and the service and level of customer service varied greatly as well. Click here to learn how to easily accept credit cards at your website (including secure servers) in 3 simple steps

If you operate or have your own web site, it's important to provide real service and real value to your visitors and clients in a way that helps your visitors to find the information that they need to succeed...this is why you'll want to check out some important news about what is probably the # 1 Affiliate program on the web today...

Most of us today who operate web sites and on-line business are bombarded with various offers and so-called insights regarding how to succeed in your own on-line business, make money, etc. If you sell or market products that help others to grow their businesses, you'll have to agree that most of the stuff that is out there today falls short of really helping people to succeed. We have personally reviewed just about every program out there and are voracious readers. In fact, we probably subscribe to most of the free and fee-based newsletters and have reviewed all of the major marketing programs that are designed with the on-line entrepreneur in mind. We don't recommend products or programs that we have not investigated and tried out for ourselves.

If you have your own website or are a web master and would like to help others make money online, I'd like to recommend the Internet Marketing Center's affiliate program. It's great to help others succeed simply because (paraphrase of Zig Zigler), 

"If you help enough other people to get what they want, you'll get what you want too".  

If you have a website, you'll want to check out his program. I suspect you'll come back and thank us for referring you to the #1 ranked affiliate program on the net today! It's a nice feeling to know that you can refer your friends and clients with complete confidence as you will be helping them to succeed by supplying them with the best internet marketing information and tools that are available today - period! It could mean the difference between their success or failure! 

You can reap the tangible benefits of providing a real service by simply placing a link on your site. 

Click here for more information on the best free affiliate program on the net. You'll be glad you did!


Our previous tip for direct mailers

The following tip is good enough to keep around for a while...

Effective Letter Lead Styles:
The importance of a good letter lead cannot be overstated. Almost every successful direct mail campaign includes a letter, which is the only real line of communication direct mailers have with potential customers or contributors. You are given a few pages to convince an audience to sign up or join in, and wasted words, especially the first few, are not an option. An attention grabbing lead, whether it plays on emotions or spews hard, cold benefits, can prompt a prospect to continue to read the sales message. The right opening, followed by a powerful letter body, often makes the difference in a successful direct marketing campaign. (Taken from Inside Direct Mail)



Product Line Update

We now offer a complete line of business-to-business and consumer compiled lists. APS is fortunate to have been accepted as list brokers with the best list compilers in the U.S. We even have a source for compiled business lists if you need to obtain Canadian lists and lists for many other countries. Please call if you would like to receive more information. We provide free answers to your requests for list information regarding list availability and pricing info.


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